Chanakya, over the years, has evolved as one of the best education providers in the country. Since our establishment in 2066 BS, we have been a leading institution adopting student centric teaching and learning practices for the pursuit of academic excellence and holistic development of our students.
Chanakya stands out with its nurturing space where students can share, grow, create bonds, build networks, nourish their minds and be ready for the world. We have designed an experiential journey for our students where they strengthen their knowledge in the classroom and enhance their learnings beyond the classroom, ensuring an admirable development of skills and proper mindset in the process. The journey certainly encourages our students to broaden their horizon of approaches of understanding and addressing issues of the complex system where the world functions today. An open-door policy is adopted for required personal assistance to the students during the thought provoking learning, unlearning and relearning process.
Chanakya is not just a name it’s a path ahead
Chanakya, as an Institution, gets its name from the ancient India’s prime scholar ‘Chankya’ who lived during the third century BC. Inspired by his role as a royal advisor and jurist, Chanakya Educators have imbibed his milestone of knowledge and teachings in the field of jurisdiction, economics, political science and philosophy which are still relevant today as Chanakya Niti, Arthashastra and Neetishastra.
Our educators recognize him and his works as the epitome of guiding principles for broadening the scope of learning, wisdom and skills required for overall human development. With this, Chanakya is moving forward to empower young minds with strengthened capacity of knowledge, leadership, discipline and humility.

Programmes Offered

Chanakya Education Network

Chanakya Educators is a recognized education institution established with the purpose to provide excellent educational services to students from Montessori to Master’s level. Along with school, we excel in offering higher secondary courses (+2 course) in Management and Science (proposed), BBS and MBS with our own infrastructural facilities in our independent blocks. We aspire to extend more university level programs in the future.

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